About Andrew Braid & Viva Voce

Music and Singing was very much a sideline during my working life as I kept this for my own personal pleasure.

I played my first role in a musical aged 12 and literally ‘caught the bug’! Over the years I have played many principal roles in Wellington, Whangarei and in South Taranaki and when I wasn’t on the stage, I could be seen in the orchestral pit musical directing. I have performed as a recitalist on National Radio and was part of the Music ‘Broadcast to Schools’ team in the late ‘60s. I was too, Vocal Coach and Choral Director to the Patea Maori Club for 16 years and toured with the group as Musical Director of “Poi E – The Musical”.

I gave up performing in public, retired to the Bay of Plenty of recent years and established my singing studio here. I now see my role as mentor and vocal coach to singers who have a real passion and desire to sing and perform to their very best abilities. I believe my professional teaching experience and my knowledge and understanding of the learning/teaching process, stands me in good stead when working with all the many different ‘voices’ who walk through my door each week.

Currently I work with a range of students from professional voices – very promising up-and-coming voices – and raw beginners. My days are indeed blessed with variation and interest, working in what most people, when asked, will reply they can’t do . . . . . . .Sing!