Viva Voce Student Performances

Masks of Comedy and Trgedy

My background in theatre influences my views in performing while singing; not that I believe that every song is theatrical, but pretty well all songs convey ‘messages’ and it is important to me that students learn to communicate these to an audience effectively.

I have a stage area on my back lawn, which I am developing into a performance venue, and every two months I schedule an opportunity for my students to perform for each other and their support teams – family and friends. Weather permitting, we gather on the back lawn, ‘picnic style’ – usually a Sunday afternoon – to enjoy the effort of each student to successfully interpret and present a song in concert style. The programme is now including duets from time to time to give student interaction and harmony singing experience, and it is envisaged that this will further develop into more group work opportunities.

Indoor venues are used in case of inclement weather.

As I am often phoned by organisations and events-people looking for entertainers, I feel this development in each student is vitally important and I am grateful to local support for these opportunities to offer my students.